Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

"The real corruption is the ownership of Congress by the rich," said Judge Richard A. Posner of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago, one of the most prominent legal scholars of the last five decades, during a keynote interview today at the Stigler Center’s conference on concentration in America.

Time is running out for Congress. the rich save the money the government allows them to keep. I want to scream every time I hear that line of reasoning. Of course the rich have a lower marginal.

Gaetz and Weatherford offer a joint agenda aimed at vets, tax cuts and more pension changes | Naked Politics  · The Spanish actor says he had always been slow to cry, but things changed after a recent cardiac event. He channels his heightened emotions in a new film, another collaboration with Pedro.

National unemployment has lingered above 8 percent for longer than 28 straight months. congress, meanwhile, is a club that consists of 245 millionaires.Based on 2009 data, there are currently 66.

Florida’s Sir Edward James REED New! Follow James Kirkpatrick on Twitter @VDAREJamesK Republicans still don’t know how to talk about race, identity and nation. Which is a problem, because, as an article in Axios recently bragged, “The single biggest threat to Republicans’ long-term viability is demographics”.

But after an all-out lobbying push this winter, the proposal was spurned by Republicans as too. where they’re at,” said Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.). It’s that point that infuriates the White.

Q: What about the "Congressional Reform Act of 2011"? A: A viral e-mail calls for fixing some abuses and excesses that don’t exist, repeating misinformed claims that we’ve addressed before.

They’re very honest. They don’t care about the debt. makes sense to swallow other spending in order to bolster the defense department. “Maybe the mission is too big. It isn’t that the budget’s too.

“But a lot of people are telling me that he’s a nice guy, but they’re ready for change. That he’s been in too long. That’s.

They’re all indiscriminate, little isolated stories – and what’s odd? Nothing’s odd about somebody retiring from Congress. But it seems there’s an exorbitant number of Republicans doing.

 · Congressional Democrats this week released a detailed tax hike plan they will run on this November in the mid-term elections. If they gain control of Congress, Democrats have promised to.

Rich to Poor to Wealthy Pt.3 (Official) Maybe not as well as they might receive in the private sector, especially after serving in Congress, but we shouldn’t be miserly either. I want Congress to be more accessible to more people like AOC, who don’t come from wealth, who aren’t making a great salary before running, and/or who have the expense of raising a family.

Florida developer gets 27 years in N.C. mortgage fraud scheme 78-Year-Old Mastermind of a $49.6 Million Mortgage Fraud Scam Gets 27-year sentence domenico rabuffo florida – The 78-year-old mastermind of a $49.6 million mortgage fraud scheme was sentenced on Wednesday to 27 years and three months in prison, officials said.