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Mike Holmes on Radon Released at the International Builders’ Show in February, the guide provides design concepts and installation guidelines that builders, designers, and contractors need to properly install PEX systems.

If you have questions, simply ask your. work with HVAC installers to make sure they know both how to properly install the equipment and how the testing will be performed. Seal the mechanical unit.

Radon Testing – 2 Easy Steps. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you house is safe from radon gas. ideally you want to do this before you start finishing your basement, but after is okay too. If there is a problem, you can still fix it, even if your basement is already finished. STEP 1 Buy and use 2 home radon test kits.

Do another radon test after you finish installing your system. If you still have high levels of radon, you may need to install a more powerful fan. If you still have high levels of radon, you may need to install a more powerful fan.

From time to time I will get calls from customers asking if there is anything they should do regarding their Radon system maintenance.The good news about Radon systems is that if they are running and quiet, there is not much to really do for maintenance. But you still need to make sure the system is working properly.

– Footings To Finish Inspections The airborne radon system works by changing air pressure beneath your home and then, through the use of a specially designed radon fan, drawing out the radon gas and safely venting it, through one or more pipes, above the roofline. Usually, an airborne radon system will be routed in the interior of the home, through the garage, or to the exterior.