Florida: Elderly Man Fined $30,000 – Government Plans to Steal His Home Because His Grass Was Too Tall

Next Florida: Elderly Man Fined $30,000 – Government Plans to Steal His Home Because His Grass Was Too Tall . About the author. jake macaulay.. (IOTC), an educational outreach that presents the founders’ "American View" of law and government. IOTC has produced thousands of graduates in.

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The city of Dunedin, Florida, wants to foreclose on a private home because the owner, Jim Ficken, owes the city over $29,000 in fines. The crime for which he is threatened with home loss? Having his lawn grass be too tall (over 10 inches) for a period of eight weeks last summer. The city fined him $500 per day of violation, with no warning.

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