Figure in Loomis investment fraud receives 5-year sentence

The original set of thieves, who lifted the cash from a Loomis Fargo vault in October 1997 in the largest such heist in U.S. history, became known as "the gang that couldn’t steal straight." "Today’s sentences mark the end of the ‘Loomis Fargo Heist’ case," said U.S. Attorney Bob Conrad Jr.

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Investment Fraud: Edward Durante Sentenced For Defrauding at Least 100 Investors of More Than $15 Million.. representing that the investors would receive an eight percent dividend on their investments until their private shares could be sold at a promised premium on the public market, when.

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Federal indictment charges 7 people in alleged $17 million multistate mortgage scams, Ponzi schemes. It was not immediately clear if the others had retained attorneys. loomis and five other defendants are also charged in a 50-count indictment with costing lenders $10 million in losses through two mortgage fraud schemes.

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Securities fraud is a crime that typically involves complicated facts and extensive government investigations, and one that can lead to lengthy jail sentences and stiff fines if you are convicted. Being convicted of securities fraud can also ruin your career and permanently change the direction of your life.

FHA Offers First-Time Homebuyers Discounted Loans for Taking Class In fact, consumers who already had mortgages and who had built up equity in their homes were more likely to be targeted for predatory subprime loans than first-time homebuyers. congress established.

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